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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

Sometimes the smallest shift can make a world of difference. And as a leader, there are times when you need to make a shift in your life or leadership so that you can become more effective and fulfill your purpose.


In this episode, I’m sharing with you the 3 shifts you may need to make in order to become a better...

Jan 7, 2020

How does mental health relate to Christian leadership? How can we recognize the signs of burnout or compassion fatigue, and what can we do to avoid these issues?

In this episode, Holly and I talk with Laura Howe, social worker and founder of Hope Made Strong, an organization that brings mental health resources to the...

Dec 31, 2019

Being the "nice Christian girl" has benefits, and it can lead to positive outcomes many times. But what if being nice is the wrong goal for us as Christians?

In the final episode of our communication series, Holly and I chat with Sharon Hodde Miller about the issue of niceness. She shares why it’s a problem when...

Dec 24, 2019

As this year and this decade comes to a close, Holly and I are sharing our reflections on 2019… lessons learned, what worked, what didn’t work, and looking forward into the new year as well. We hope this honest and transparent discussion will inspire you to do the same for yourself.

Last year on the podcast, we...

Dec 17, 2019

In an age where we often label and stigmatize, how can we communicate with empathy? What are the benefits of knowing people who don’t think, feel, and believe as you do? And how can curiosity help you when you disagree with someone?

In this episode, I talk with author, podcaster, wife, and mom Kathleen Peters about...