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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

As a leader, you may deal with isolation in ministry. What causes that isolation, and what do you do when you feel like you have nowhere to turn? And how can you use Jesus’ example to develop and maintain healthy relationships in ministry?


In this episode of our Friendship Series, I talk with pastor, writer, and...

Sep 10, 2019

As a woman in ministry leadership, life can sometimes feel lonely. But community is essential and can help carry you through unexpected and devastating seasons of loss.


In today’s episode, Holly and I talk with former pastor’s wife and leader Brandi Wilson about her leadership journey. We talk about what it’s...

Sep 3, 2019

Friendship is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. But how do you navigate the messiness of friendship? And how do you overcome the challenge of loneliness as a leader?


We’ve talked before about building healthy relationships and we’ve discussed marriage, but we haven’t really tackled the issue of friendship on the...

Aug 27, 2019

How can you develop discernment and use it in various areas of your life? And what habits can help you transform your faith? What are some practical ways you can get started developing a daily Bible habit?


As Christian women leaders, we have so much on our plates: family, co-workers/volunteers, work, and daily life....

Aug 20, 2019

Have you ever experienced criticism from fellow Christians? How do you stand firm when you’re under fire from people you thought were supposed to support you?


In the next episode of our Faith Series, we’re diving into the idea of standing firm in the face of criticism. Specifically, criticism from...