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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Dec 25, 2018

As a leader, you want to move the mission forward and do what God has put on your heart to do. So why is dreaming important and why do you need a vision? What would it look like for you as a leader and person to dream and cast a vision for the future?

In this episode of our Goal Setting series, Holly and I outline the importance of dreaming: why you need to dream and how to dream PLUS we talk about creating a vision for the future: what is a vision, why you need one, and how to cast it. 

Why should you dream?

  • Dreaming lifts your mind and heart out of the clouds of daily living and pulls you higher into what could be.  
  • It gives you a freedom to be something else.  To be free of the chains of sin that still bind you.


Why do you need a vision?

  • Vision brings clarity
  • Vision shows people where you are going
  • Vision helps you to stay focused on the end result. If you are someone who gets stuck


Key Quotes from episode:

  • This is what the gospel is all about, freeing you from the sins that bind you so that you can live out a God-given dream.  
  • If you are not self-aware, it’s going to be really difficult to know whether people are buying in to you or not.
  • "People buy into the leader first, then the leader’s vision." - John Maxwell
  • Creating a vision is important because it brings clarity and shows people where you are going.

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