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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Mentoring has to be formal and structured right? Shouldn’t mentoring include lots of time and coffee dates? Not at all. You may be surprised what our guest today says about what mentoring can look like and the ridiculously easy ways you can fit mentoring into your right-now life.

In this episode of the Healthy Relationships series, I chat with Elisa Pulliam, founder of More to Be, all about the value of mentoring. She shares her insights about mentoring: how to find a mentor, how to be a mentor, how to navigate generational differences, and how to experience mentorship when you lead a busy life.

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Tips for Mentoring Relationships:

  • Look at the place where God has already called you.
  • Ask God to make you sensitive to who you can mentor and who can mentor you.
  • Lead with questions
  • Ask for permission to share a story
  • Ask if they would like to hear your input or advice
  • Share a struggle.
  • Ask older women for advice.

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