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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

Have you heard podcast guests who are living out leadership and thought, “Yeah, but I couldn’t do that”? Or perhaps you’ve thought about joining the Confident Leader Catalyst but you’re not sure if it’s right for you.

In this episode, you’re going to hear from 3 women who were members of the very first round of the Confident Leader Catalyst program. They share their real life stories of why they joined, how it has impacted them, and what has changed since participating.

If you’re interested in joining the Confident Leader Catalyst or just want to know more, head over to It’s open until Friday, Sept. 25th for the fall round. After that you’re welcome to join the waitlist so you are the first to know when it’s open again.

Even if the Confident Leader Catalyst isn’t for you, I know you’ll enjoy hearing these gals’ perspective on becoming confident leaders!


Key Points Discussed:


  • Introducing the 3 women featured on this episode [3:07]
  • What life was like before participating in the Catalyst [5:17]
  • Why they wanted to jump into the Confident Leader Catalyst [8:03]
  • What made the biggest impact for them [10:50]
  • What has changed since participating [15:44]
  • If you’re considering joining the program [18:46]

Key Quotes:


“I always thought I was confident… but I realized in taking this class that there was a lack of confidence in going forward with some of the things I wanted to do.” - Marie Weber


“I have taken action since I took this class; it has built my confidence up.” - Marie Weber


“Part of what the program did was present leadership from a Biblical worldview and some takeaways from that are leadership as a servant leader, which looks different from worldly leadership… sitting in Scriptures that focus on that was very helpful for me.” - Jennifer Tjepkes


“It’s not all about me; it’s about gifts that God gives us, and how are we stewarding that? Which feels different than me trying to shine up and be a good leader and have it come from something that I’m doing.” - Jennifer Tjepkes


“Being in the community of women was critical… it’s easy to not do it on our own; it’s harder when we’re more accountable to a group.” - Jennifer Tjepkes


“Just taking purpose and calling out of this very specific place and really understanding how general it is…who we are called to be first and foremost as Christians... that really helped me.” - Brandi Davis


“It’s in the day to day that leadership is implemented.” - Jennifer Tjepkes


“It gave me a whole different attitude of: this is where God has called me, go forward with it.” - Marie Weber


“There’s a sense of permission... to still be learning and growing and discovering parts of myself… having that permission has been freeing.” - Brandi Davis


“Don’t come in with any expectations of what the process will look like… you’ll come out on the other side and really be able to see how the Lord moved, and be able to tap into all the goodness that came from the experience.” - Brandi Davis


Are you ready to become a confident leader?

My program, the Confident Leader Catalyst, is open Sept. 21st through 25th for the Fall round. It’s a step-by-step program that takes you from hesitant, confused, and stuck to confident, clear, and ready to take action. We will dive deep into helping you become a leader who has confidence, clarity, and courage so that you can step out of your comfort zone and into your calling.


Head over to to get all the details and join us now!


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