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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Jun 2, 2020

Do you struggle to feel rested as a leader? Are you feeling mentally and physically drained, and you’re not sure why? It may be that you are not experiencing the type of rest you need.


In this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith about the important issue of rest. She shares why so many leaders burnout, how she personally recovered from burnout, and how her life changed afterwards. 


In addition, Dr. Saundra shares with us the true meaning of rest. She has identified 7 different types of rest and she notes that a deficit in one or more of these areas can impact you negatively. We also dive into ways to recognize what type of rest you need and how to start making changes.


This is an important conversation for every leader, because if we are not staying healthy, we are going to struggle to lead well. Take a listen to find out how to avoid burnout and experience true rest.


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Key Points Discussed:

  • Dr. Saundra’s life and leadership [4:02]

  • Why leaders burnout [8:35]

  • Recovering from burnout [10:20]
  • How Saundra’s life changed [14:12]
  • The 7 Types of Rest [18:02]
    • Physical
    • Spiritual
    • Mental
    • Emotional
    • Social
    • Sensory 
    • Creative
  • Discussion around specific areas of rest & practices we can implement [27:28]
    • Practicing vulnerability [29:54]
    • Recognizing sensory overload [38:55]
    • Getting out of the urgency mindset [43:00]
  • Experiencing multiple types of rest [48:14]
  • Recognizing what type of rest you need [50:18]
  • Leaders are learners [53:04]

Key Quotes from the Episode:

Quotes are by Dr. Saundra unless otherwise noted.


  • “Because I was so goal oriented, I never really stopped to appreciate any of the accomplishments along the way. Everything was an ends to the means.”
  • “What is work for now, and what is work that I’m just clinging to because I like work?”
  • “Rest is not about stopping; rest is about restoration.”
  • “The restoration part is an active work, it’s just not a depleting work; it’s a restorative work.”
  • “Social rest and emotional rest can be done virtually.”
  • “It’s okay when you’re in your leadership position to lead and to be the leader.”
  • “Rest should equal restoration.”
  • “Rest doesn’t look the same for every person.”



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