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Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

As a woman in ministry leadership, life can sometimes feel lonely. But community is essential and can help carry you through unexpected and devastating seasons of loss.


In today’s episode, Holly and I talk with former pastor’s wife and leader Brandi Wilson about her leadership journey. We talk about what it’s like to lose a major title in your life through devastating circumstances and how you can transition back into leadership after heartbreaking loss.

We also learn about the power of community to get you through these seasons and how to create that kind of community for yourself. 

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Key Points Discussed:

  • Brandi’s leadership journey
  • The power of community during loss
  • How Brandi’s community supported her through devastation
  • How leaders can build and cultivate community
  • Brandi’s work with Leading and Loving It
  • Working with other women and different personalities in leadership
  • Making an Impact with World Help
  • Brandi’s advice for younger leaders


Key Quotes from the Episode:

“That’s probably been one of the biggest gifts of leadership is in the journey of leadership, learning to love myself.” 


“People can take away that title, but no one can take away God’s calling on your life.”


"The value of what we can offer each other as women in one another's lives is such a gift."


"As female leaders, it's not about what we say in our friendships together, it's about what we don't have to say." 


“When I realized that what God wants me to be is Brandi Wilson… that was freedom.” 


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